OWS Red Ink Editing Services

OWS Red Ink Editing Services

Editing is one of the most difficult tasks for an author to complete. You don’t know what you don’t know. Even if you do know, sometimes you are too close to a project. But when any Tom, Dick, or Henrietta can hang out their shingle and claim to provide editing services, how does an author know who to pick?

This is one of the many reasons Our Write Side (OWS) exists. We believe that all authors deserve quality editing and a trusted source after all the hard work they’ve poured into building their story and finishing that novel.

OWS has vetted a pretty great team (We use them for our own publications, after all!) and we are now offering these services to authors who do not wish to have their books published by OWS, but would still like a professional eye on their work.


Types of editing services:

1. Developmental Editing-

(Sometimes referred to as content editing, general editing, revisions, story editing, substantive editing, re-writes, etc.) Our developmental editors know the importance of keeping your voice, which is why we do not change a word of your story. Instead, we make comments, cite sources, and give recommendations. It is in your hands to decide which suggestions you want to follow and which you want to ignore.

2. Copyediting-

(sometimes referred to as line edits, stylistic editing, second edits, or for lazy editors “editing”.) This is where the editor will go line by line to make sure the sentence structure is correct, the grammar is correct and the meaning is clearly conveyed. Again, we are here to help you become a better writer, so we will explain each change with links to the rules. Not only by following the Chicago Manual of Style, but also by looking at what your genre does.

3. Proof Reading-

This is the final read-through after you’ve done the layout to check your final product. We can and will review as Mobi, epub, PDF, and paperback, sending detailed notes of any issues from widows and orphans, to funky layout, to a missed comma. We’re very thorough! While we have competitive flat rates, we also understand those don’t work for every pocket. Our open communication, payment plans, and willingness to work with our clients are just a few (of many) things that set us apart from the rest.


We provide these editing services on a wide range of works from short stories, to poetry, to full novels, to screenplays.

Proofreading Services …………………………………………………………………………..starts at $0.02/word

Developmental Editing Services…………………………………………………………….starts at $0.04/word

Copy Editing services……………………………………………………………………………starts at $0.03/word

To get a quote, please send the first 5 pages (Or 10% of the work if less than 5 pages), the type of editing you would like, *We highly recommend all three, and will provide separate editors for each part*, the number of pages for your completed work, any editing you have had done to-date (beta readers, a critique group, Prowritingaid, Grammarly etc) and your expected turn around time/ extenuating circumstances. We will review (absolutely free), make notes to demonstrate our style for you, and provide a quote.


Paul Davis is one of our head editors and provides developmental editing and copyediting. He went to school for secondary ed/Eng, taught English at the middle school level, tutored in college for writing, and worked as an editor at his college paper.

J.K. Allen is the head poetry editor and provides developmental editing and copyediting for fiction, non-fiction, and poetry collections. Julia attended Michigan State University where she majored in English and Creative Writing. She worked at the MSU Writing Center for four years where she concentrated on developmental consultations as well as sentence-level concerns for both native speakers and ESL learners alike. This included brainstorming sessions, planning and outlining, structural organization, and word choice, syntax, grammar, and punctuation editing. She worked with both undergraduate and graduate students and with faculty members, editing for several peer-reviewed publications. Julia also did freelance editing and tutoring in writing for ESL students since 2006. She is now a fiction and nonfiction editor and head poetry editor for OWS Ink, LLC.

Heidi Angell is our executive publishing director and provides developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a focus in marketing and writing for the public, has published more than a dozen books, and provides editing for authors in fantasy (high, epic, and dark), science fiction, urban fantasy, crime, and thriller genres, as well as for screenplays in all genres.

Tiffany Woodbeck is one of our head editors and provides editing services on a wide variety of content from short stories and anthologies to full-length novels.

Shakyra Dunn is a self-published author of two fantasy novels and provides developmental and copyediting. She can’t stray away from the impression that there is always an adventure around every corner! Shakyra wears many hats within OWS Ink. She shares writing advice, edits, and joined both the marketing and creative teams.

T.D. McIntosh is a freelance writer, author, screenwriter, and script consultant who has worked on various projects for the past nine years. In recent months, he’s been doing work for the indie comic company “Noir Caesar” as well as working on his own projects. He brings his extensive experience to our team as a developmental editor and copyeditor.