Author Marketing Services

You have done the heart part. You poured your heart, soul, blood, tears, and a smidge of rum (or your vice of choice) into that book you are cradling right now. Or, you’re at the very beginning of the journey and you want a leg up on building a solid readership. Either way, OWS Flight Team has you covered. We will help your books soar with our author marketing services. 


We offer an array of services to help you get your book into the hands and hearts of readers everywhere. At prices we hope will still leave you a coffee budget at the end of the day. Er, the beginning of the day.


Virtual Book Tours- (Week-long tour with at least 5 stops)

starts at $50


Twitter Promotion- (We help you develop 10-12promotional tweets with graphics to promote your books. We then share on our own social media as well to give you exposure to over nine thousand book-focused members.)

starts at $10


Facebook Parties- (1-day party with set up, graphics, arranging authors and promoting the event. PA to run the event and keep everyone on task)

starts at $50


Bargain Book Promotion- (sharing an announcement about your book sale across our social media feeds, authors feeds, and newsletters of over nine thousand members.)

starts at $10


Local Event Planning Package- (October Indie Author Day in Salt Lake City, Game Haven Event for SciFi/Fantasy authors in Salt Lake City, February B & N event Salt Lake City, or we can help you plan your own event in your own location.)

starts at $10


Ad Space in the Lit Journal- This is open to authors, book promoters, publishers, artists, youtubers, anyone looking to get in front of the creative community and drive that traffic to their site/ product

starts at $40


Social Media/ Amazon Marketing Services/ Goodreads Advertising campaigns- We will help you plan, set up, measure, and tweak an advertising campaign so you can see a return on your investment. The cost includes ad budget for the campaign

starts at $100


Custom Marketing Strategy– Creating a custom strategy to promote your work to the world.  This is a comprehensive marketing strategy combining the elements of social media, online advertising, real-world events, and measurement strategies. We recommend this as part of a launch campaign, or to strategize your annual marketing for an already-released book.

starts at $250


Writing Copy- “But I’m a writer,” you might be thinking. “Why would I need this?” Because writing an exciting book that people cannot put down is very different from writing sales, blurbs, website, bios and more. And just as you know that your book writing skills do not translate into being a good salesman, we know that we have to tap into that salesman to write that copy.

starts at $10


Are you ready for your book to take flight? Contact us today. Please keep in mind that many of these strategies require up to six weeks of planning to give you the biggest bang for your buck.


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