Welcome to OWS- University!


The life of an author is a struggle. No college education can truly prepare you for it. A Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing will teach you about creative writing. A business degree will give you some generalized business guidance. A degree in marketing or graphic design can give you some skills.

But none of those programs specifically focus on the skills an author needs to succeed.

And who wants to get three degrees, with all that tuition debt?  That is what inspired the team at Our Write Side to develop OWS-U. The goal is that these courses will provide you the specific instruction in important elements to help you get your writing business off the ground and keep building! 


 We have a team of amazing authors who are teaching you the tools they have used to get their business going. Our plan is to have each course set at $50 per student. The teachers have generously agreed that if we can get 20 students for the class, the cost will drop to $30 per student. Each course will have video and written materials Monday and Wednesday, while the teachers will offer live instruction/ Q&A sessions on Fridays.

If you are interested in month-long masterclasses for authors, OWS-U is coming January 2018.


January 2018 Course List


  • Writing 101, an overview of characters, plot development, and showing vs telling – Instructor: Julia Allen
  • 30 Days to your Author Platform – Instructor: Amanda Maybry
  • How to Set Up Your Author Business (Legal/ tax paperwork)  Instructor: TBD 
  • Maximize Your Virtual Book Tour  – Instructor: Heidi Angell
  •  How to Master Social Media for Your Author Business- Instructor: Heidi Angell
  • E-newsletter set up and growth for every author- Instructor: Heidi Angell


Course enrollment is open now through December 22nd, 2017. Once a course hits the minimum 20 students, a notice will go out to all who’ve signed up to verify they are still interested. At that time, we will send a bill for the course for the $30 price point. If a course hasn’t filled up by December 22nd, we will send a notice to students to verify they still wish to take the course before we send the Paypal notification. Please fill out this form if you are interested in securing courses for January, 2018.  Sign up for 3 courses and enter coupon code “teachmeBF2017”  to get 50% off the 3rd course.